It’s Time You Knew More About This Restorative Dental Treatment

By Cosmetic Dental & Implant Center
December 04, 2014
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Dental Implants ImageNo one likes to think about losing a permanent tooth; however, for the 178 million Americans out there, this thought is already a reality. Not having a complete smile can making simply enjoying meals difficult let alone speaking in public or feeling confident in your appearance. If you’re looking to take charge of your smile and regain the beautiful, natural smile you once had, dental implants at Cosmetic Dental & Implant Center, your Sandy Springs dentist, can help.
Modern-day dental implants have only been around for 40 years; however, it’s amazing the fun facts we were able to dig up about the treatment itself and its history.

Fun Facts About Dental Implants:

  1. The oldest dental implants first made an appearance in 600 AD when Mayan women often wore shells that were made to resemble that of their missing teeth. Unlike modern dental implants, these shells were actually hammered into the jawbone.
  2. Dental implants are the only restorative dental treatment that both preserves and stimulates the growth of natural bone. This is an especially important factor for those who have left their tooth loss untreated, as bone and tissue loss begin to occur not long after losing a tooth. If you think of your bone as a muscle then you know that every time you use it, it stays strong; however, if the bone isn’t being used, it can begin to weaken and atrophy. Over time the jaw shortens and the cheeks begin to sink in, which makes the patient appear older than he or she actually is. In a way, dental implants act just as natural teeth, stimulating and promoting bone growth.
  3. Dental implants cannot develop cavities! You heard that correctly! Some dental work is not susceptible to the same problems as a natural tooth; therefore, cavities cannot affect an artificial tooth; however, this doesn’t mean that you should skip out on proper oral care. You should still be brushing and flossing every day and making sure that your smile remains disease-free.

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