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By Cosmetic Dental & Implant Center
August 14, 2014
Category: Oral Health
toothless Adults with missing teeth, as a result of tooth decay or dental trauma, will have functional and aesthetic problems. You might not have control of how you lose your tooth or teeth, but you do have the choice of getting a tooth replaced and your smile completely restored. With the help of restorative treatments, you can get back your confidence and lessen the chance of further damage to your oral health.
What do we mean by “damage to your oral health?” Well, tooth loss isn’t the only problem you deal with. Without proper treatment, that missing tooth acts as the domino, accelerating other dental issues. 

Tooth Loss and Discomfort

Losing a tooth isn’t always a painless experience. Unless you are under the care of a dentist for an extraction, losing a tooth can be a very uncomfortable situation. The gum tissue near the affected area may become irritated and sore.

Tooth Loss and Shifting Teeth 

As soon as a tooth leaves the socket, many people will begin to exhibit sensitivity and possible irritation. While that problem may go away, other issues will follow. In time, the adjacent teeth will start to gravitate toward the open space because there is not an even distribution of support for the other teeth. 
If the teeth start to space out, it can lead to bite problems, which requires an exam from an orthodontist. 

Tooth Loss and a Weakened Dental Structure 

The key factor in regards to your oral health is the condition of the teeth and gum tissue. If a natural tooth is lost, so is the root, which means the jawbone will be disturbed, meaning the jawbone will start to recede. 

The Solution

A weakened dental structure can lead to additional tooth loss and dental health problems. The one solution that can prevent those problems from happening is a dental implant. It acts as the tooth and tooth root, and it stays in place permanently. 
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