Cosmetic Crowns

cosmetic crowns

COSMETIC CROWN restorations are similar to Porcelain Veneers, because they too are attached to individual teeth. Crowns completely cover the tooth on all sides, helping to correct any problems that you might have with alignment. Crowns are used to repair and strengthen teeth that have undergone root canals, have severe erosion or extreme malposition. The use of crowns is essential in any situation that requires greater strength and aesthetics. Crowns are fabricated from porcelain and metal and are indistinguishable from adjacent teeth.

Having crowns applied takes two or three appointments so that your teeth can be prepared and impressions can be made. The impressions are used to make a porcelain crown that fits into the contour of the remaining teeth. While your permanent crowns are being created in a laboratory, you will wear temporary crowns that maintain your appearance and ability to function. Often, crowns are added to existing teeth to create better connecting surfaces for attachment of partial dentures. As with all treatments, crown restorations require meticulous oral hygiene. Proper brushing and flossing techniques are effective in eliminating plaque and bacteria. Crowns or caps can last the longest compared to other treatments depending on placement, forces placed on them and patients’ home care.

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