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"Whatever paid on my mouth restorations was well worth it by 125-150%.  I can now eat ribs, salad, and lots other I could not before!"

Date of posting: December 3, 2014 Posted By: L. Sultzer 

A letter from a full mouth restorative patient:

"Just a note to tell you how I appreciate the time you have taken with me. Every other Dentist that I have been to: by just making dentures not caring how you looked and being paid was all that mattered. I went to a place that made dentures, all they did was stick them in your mouth. Your appearance didn’t matter. It took years to find someone who would give me a smile I was proud of. This hasn’t been without trying to figure out how I was going to pay. It’s been hard without insurance but now I have teeth that I can be proud of I’m not writing this for sympathy this is just to say Thank you for not looking at me as if it doesn’t matter how I look. I will always think about how you tried to make them the best you could."

Date of Posting: 07 December 2012 Posted By: Carol, Rockmart Client, Georgia

"I have not been prompt with this because it’s a new exercise for my quiet temperament. Also, I’m not used to thinking with a pain-free head and Tegretol-free brain.

However, here is what I wrote to Neurology News about Dr. Fagan:

During treatment for Trigeminal neuralgia over the past five years I spent most of the time fearing the pain or the medication side effects. The quality of my life deterioriated until thes fall when I was referred to Dr. James Fagan… His care was focused a nd inclusive of other difficulties created by the neuromuscular pathologhy.

My initial skepticism about his belief that I would feel a lot better, and soon, was replaced two months later with a conviction that the expertise of Dr. Fagan in this treatment should be acknowledged in your publication. I would ask also that you consider adding Dr. Fagan to your Professional Advisory Board to provide insight that would broaden the scope of care for many in need of similar services. By paying tribute to Dr. Fagan, I would like to help build awareness about a dental professional who performed thoughtful care that relieved pain, prolonged function and restored to my quality of life.

Then, I wrote to my PCP and past neurologists telling about my treatment and included Dr. Fagan’s number and card for their reference.

Now for the last: I’m so relieved to be without pain and medication side effects that I can only say Dr. Fagan did restore my quality of life."

Date of Posting: 07 December 2012 Posted By: This note came from a patient with chronic pain Client, Atlanta, Georgia

"I just wanted to tell you thank you for making my smile beautiful. I was in very poor spirts when I first came in your office, you gave me hope.

Your staff and you always make me feel comfortable. You have a very terrific team. I think your work is closest thing to perfection. The top and bottom feel very comfortable, so all the fitting really did pay off. The partial has never given me a moment’s trouble with sore spots. Again thank so much for helping me, really make some very important decisions with not taking those drugs. It has been a very long time since I have felt this good. Your staff is wonderful !" Dawn from Atlanta, GA After a simple smile make over with detailed custom shaded composite fillings Dawn writes: "All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Date of Posting: 07 December 2012 Posted By: Pat  Client, Suwanee, GA

To quote one of our patients: “This has been a life changing experience.”

Date of Posting: 07 December 2012 Posted By: Jackie  Client, Atlanta, Georgia

"I have been going to Dr. Fagan at The Cosmetic and Dental Implant Center for a few years now. They are courteous, professional and make me feel at home every time I go there. Their high-tech tools and procedures makes going to the Dentist almost fun. Above all their work is excellent!"

Date of Posting: 07 December 2012 Posted By: Markus Nelson Client, Georgia