Why Choose Us?

Why come to Dr. Fagan for dental Implants, Esthetic veneers & crowns???

The answer is one-stop shopping in a state of the art facility.

Dr Fagan provides:

  • An initial consult in a private consultation area utilizing an on-site 3D CT SCAN  digital imaging for implant assessment/ to review implant options or digital radiography for cosmetic solutions.
  • On-site dental implant surgery utilizing proven gentle conscious sedation techniques
  • On-site esthetic dental implant restoration utilizing neuromuscular dentistry techniques for maximum bite comfort and smile zone esthetics
  • 30+ YEARS of experience and expertise in placing and restoring dental implants.
  • knowledgeable staff on all aspects of the dental implant that can help you maintain and improve your teeth and gum health.
  • financing through Care Credit to accomplish the smile you deserve with multiple no interest options to fit into your monthly budget
  • various treatment options from the simple to the complex to achieve your dream smile.

Dr Fagan and staff invite to to call us at (404) 255-5006 to start your dream smile today.

Here are case scenarios and examples of treatment that can be done: Are you one of these?

1. CASE 1
Fractured front tooth that had previous root canal treatment that failed. Subsequently bad tooth was extracted  and immediately replaced with a single tooth dental implant. After healing a cosmetic dental implant crown was placed.

2. CASE 2
Congenitally (born without) missing bicuspids. Restored with a single tooth dental implant and cosmetic implant crown to replace missing tooth and fill in the gap.

3. CASE 3
Patient presented with a worn out non-esthethic loose upper removable denture that added unneccesary years to her appearance, as well as, lack of self confidence in public. Restored with 8 upper dental implants and cosmetic fixed implant bridgework to replace the worn out upper denture. She is now confidently smiling and eating out in public with co-workers and friends without worrying about her teeth falling out while she is eating.

4. CASE 4
Congenitally (born without) missing two upper front teeth(lateral incisors). Restored with a single tooth dental implant in both areas after orthodotic treatment was finished. Ortho treatment reestablished lost space and realigned the front teeth. The cosmetic dental implant crowns finalized the esthetic smile.

5. CASE 5
Patient presented with a non-functional, loose lower removable denture. This denture caused difficulty eating, speaking, smiling and constant sore gums. Restored with 4 dental implants and a cosmetic implant prosthesis that snapped into place.  Patient is can now smile, speak and eat with confidence with family and friends.

6. CASE 6
Patient exhibited with a 30 year old lower implant prosthesis that was severly worn out, discolored and needed revitialization. A COSMETIC DENTAL FACELIFT was the answer she was looking for. We were able to use the existing dental implants and dramatically restore her smile and facial features without the use of a scalpel. The new implant prosthesis took years off of her appearance. She now is able to beam with confidence.